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Web Automation

Course Overview

This comprehensive course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to automate web UI testing using Selenium WebDriver and Java. You will learn the fundamentals of Selenium WebDriver, Java programming, and testing frameworks to create robust and effective test automation scripts.


Basic understanding of web development concepts and HTML/CSS Familiarity with Java programming fundamentals

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

  • Install and configure Selenium WebDriver with Java
  • Understand the architecture and components of Selenium WebDriver
  • Learn basic navigation and element interaction techniques
  • Module 2: Java Programming for Selenium

  • Review essential Java concepts: data types, variables, operators, flow statements
  • Object-oriented programming concepts: classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism
  • Collections framework: ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet
  • Module 3: Locator Strategies for Web Elements

  • Identify and locate web elements using various techniques: XPath, CSS selectors, ID, name, link text
  • Utilize browser add-ons like Firebug and Firepath for element inspection
  • Apply advanced XPath strategies for dynamic elements
  • Module 4: Automating Web UI Interactions

  • Handle dynamic dropdowns using WebDriver API
  • Interact with checkboxes, radio buttons, alerts, and frames
  • Implement web element validation and error handling
  • Perform end-to-end automation exercises
  • Module 5: Advanced Web UI Automation Techniques

    • Automate Ajax interactions using Actions class
    • Handle multiple windows and frames effectively
    • Navigate and interact with dynamic content and data

    Module 6: Data-Driven Testing with Apache POI

  • Introduce Apache POI framework for data manipulation
  • Retrieve and update data from Excel spreadsheets
  • Integrate data-driven testing into Selenium automation scripts
  • Module 7: Generating HTML Reports with XSLT

  • Configure and utilize XSLT framework for generating reports
  • Create comprehensive HTML reports for Selenium test execution
  • Module 8: TestNG Framework for Automated Testing

  • Understand the benefits and features of TestNG framework
  • Install and set up TestNG in Eclipse
  • Utilize TestNG annotations for test organization and execution
  • Parameterize test cases using DataProvider and XML files
  • Manage test groups and prioritize test execution
  • Module 9: Advanced Reporting with ExtentReports

  • Implement ExtentReports framework for enhanced reporting
  • Configure report parameters and integrate with test cases
  • Generate detailed and visually appealing test reports
  • You Will Learn and Gain Knowledge

    Upon completing this course, you will have gained proficiency in Selenium WebDriver automation using Java and be able to design, develop, and execute automated test scripts for web applications. You will also be equipped with the knowledge to utilize advanced techniques like data-driven testing, reporting, and framework integration.

    Web Automation

    This comprehensive course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to automate web UI testing using Selenium WebDriver and Java.

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