QTP Tutorial

January 26, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps testers to perform automated regression testing in order to identify any gaps, errors/defects in Read More

TestNG Tutorial

January 25, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

TestNG is a testing framework developed in the lines of JUnit and NUnit, however it introduces some new functionalities that make it more powerful and Read More

Git Training

January 25, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

Git is a free and open source version control system, originally created by Linus Torvalds in 2005. Unlike older centralized version control systems such as Read More

Security Testing

January 25, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

Security testing is a testing technique to determine if an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended. It also aims at verifying 6 Read More

Jmeter Tutorial

January 25, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

jMeter is an Open Source testing software. It is 100% pure Java application for load and performance testing. jMeter is designed to cover categories of Read More

Selenium with C#

January 24, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

In this tutorial will guide you how to write WebDriver or selenium tests using C#. There are many tutorials available on internet for Java but Read More

Selenium with Python

January 24, 2017 ahsanakhtar 0

Selenium supports Python and thus can be utilized with Selenium for testing. Python is easy compared to other programming languages, having far less verbose. The Read More

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