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How to use SelectorsHub Extension Part 1

Selectorshub does not stores any user data, The tool runs in local environment. Injection of script happens only when you open this tool in the elements tab sidebar.

1. SelectorsHub is the only tool which made it possible to write own selectors in less than 5sec with its auto suggest feature without compromising learning skills.

2. SelectorsHub is the only tool which supports shadowDOM, in fact even Chrome DevTools doesn’t support shadowDOM.

3. SelectorsHub is the only tool which gives the proper error message for the missing elements in your selectors.

4. SelectorsHub is the most secured plugin. It inject the script on the website when user opens the SelectorsHub tab while other plugins inject the script as soon as user open any website.

5. It doesn’t save any user data.

6. It runs only in a user’s local environment.

7. It helps you to improve your xpath and cssSelectors writing skills.

8. It has iframe support.

9. It supports svg elements. 10. It supports dark theme. 11. It saves a huge amount of time and effort while building own selectors.

SelectorsHub is the best XPath Editor. It’s a new reality to write XPath and cssSelector in less than 5sec with the auto suggest feature.

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