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Meet Ahsan

Extent Report Tutorial

Generate Extent Reports In Selenium WebDriver

Are you a software test engineer/developer??

Do you think that you current test execution report is not incorporating all the required information or not captivating enough to share with your manager??

If so, Welcome to you all towards creating stunning html test execution reports using ExtentReports.

In this course, we will be covering the below topics listed-

  • Why ExtentReports?
  • Integrating ExtentReports with Junit framework using Junit Rule
  • Creating Extent Utility Java Class
  • Integrating ExtentReports with TestNG using TestNG Listeners
  • Capturing and attaching screenshots on test and log level
  • Using Markup Helpers to Add labels, code blocks and tables
  • Setting up and deploying ExtentX server locally
  • Deploying ExtentX server remotely on Heroku with Mongo DB hosted.


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