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Automation Testing Myths

Before coming to automation world, I have no idea that how I am going to cope this world and what challenges I am going to face. There was like hard and fast rule on my mind. I was very comfortable with manual testing and didn’t want to change my path or you can say I was taking it as something very complex. I have made my mind that I will be testing manually so I have don’t to make things complex and keep myself on simple and right path. I was actually afraid of making mistakes like if I don’t get it right, my reputation would get hurt and questions would be coming my way. I wanted to just escape all these things and scenarios. Below is list of all automation myths.

  1. How will I understand programming language now?
  2. I cannot write code that’s why I chooses manual testing.
  3. It will only cover few repeated test cases.
  4. Coverage of test cases will be minimum.
  5. It will consume time to write code for test cases
  6. I don’t know which automation language I should start with because I am not comfortable with anyone.
  7. I cannot keep follow up as I am doing for manual test cases.
  8. Only developers can do automation.
  9. Only people from CS/SE/IT field can do automation.
  10. I cannot handle complex and structural things.
  11. I have to start from zero to gain the momentum.

I can categorically say that these myths are just myth once you’re in and try to start doing yourself. You’re not doing favor to yourself if you are holding yourself back from the automation testing. I was same like you and had same myths and so called expectations. I can understand that some people don’t get right environment and there can be many scenarios which I will explain in later articles but you have to put efforts for yourself because Automation is surely going to be future and all the constraints are overcoming with time.

I take privilege to mention an Automation Expert “Ahsan Akhtar” who is super Senior in my company and good friend. He brought me into automation world and motivates me that I can do automation testing. He’s not only skilled person but motivational speaker as well.

The sole purpose of this article is to encourage you and motivates you, so you people don’t have to repent later, don’t wait for tomorrow. Start learning and doing it today. I agree there are some restraints about automation testing but they are enough to hold you back from automation.

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