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Meet Ahsan

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MeetAhsan is a training institute in Lahore, Pakistan that offers a wide range of courses on selenium and other automation frameworks. They have a team of experienced trainers who can help you learn the skills you need to succeed in your automation testing career.

Our Courses

Empower Your Learning with Ahsan

Explore a diverse range of courses tailored to inspire growth, enhance knowledge, and propel you towards your professional goals.

Web Automation

You Should be able to lead any selenium Automation Project on your own by learning this course.

Mobile Automation

Design the industry standard mobile framework from scratch which is compatible for both platforms

API Testing

In - depth understanding of Rest API Automation using Restassured with real time example


Understand cypress from scratch and build fast and reliable automation tests for any web applications using cypress

Performance Testing

At the end of this course you will be able to understand how to put load on web applications and REST API's

Security Testing

Discover, exploit, and mitigate all types of web vulnerablities, Secure anyof your future applications using best practices.


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Unlock potential and opportunities by investing in our cutting-edge Stack Technology Trainings. In the realm of empowerment, individuals discover the strength within to shape their destiny.

Agile Scrum

Java 17



Git Tool


Git Hub

Azure TFS


Maven Builds







Newman Run

Api Flow

About Us

Your Journey to Knowledge Excellence Begins Here

MeetAhsan is a training institute in Lahore, Pakistan that offers a wide range of courses on selenium and other automation frameworks. They have a team of experienced trainers who can help you learn the skills you need to succeed in your automation testing career.

Their Selenium Certification Training is a gateway towards your Automation testing career. You will learn important concepts such as Testing, Apache Log4j, Maven, Data Driven, Jenkins, Advance Reporting and much more.


Our Gallery & Certificates

In the spotlight of recognition, awards honor the commitment and outstanding contributions that make a lasting impact.


What Our Client Are Saying

At MeetAhsan, our clients speak for us. Discover the success stories and positive experiences shared by those who’ve benefited from our tailored training programs. Join us in the journey of growth and achievement.
rida naqvi
rida naqvi
Amazing teacher.... Fully recommended for those who want to start their career from 0. Thanku so much sir for your efforts.
Arsalan Ahmad
Arsalan Ahmad
Sir Ahsan is really presenting Selenium in a very simpler and easy way. You will be able to learn Selenium very fast. Sir Ahsan has a very soft and friendly style of teaching and he is always ready to help you whenever you face troubles during automating through Selenium. I must recommend all SQA staff to take lessons from Sir Ahsan.
sidra wazir
sidra wazir
I have done selenium training and It was a great learning experience. All the lectures are very interactive and informative.I was a beginner to automation and even java, but the way he teach me helped me to understand the whole course. Learning through live project was a great experience. Thank you sir for your guidance.
Awais Ahmad
Awais Ahmad
One of the best QA trainings in Lahore. I highly recommend it. Sir Ahsan way of teaching is really exceptional, astonishing and superb. The main advantage of getting QA training from Sir Ahsan is that you will have the opportunity to work on the live projects.
Rabia Saleem
Rabia Saleem
I have done advanced selenium automation training by MeetAhsun institute. It was a great learning experience, Sir Ahsun taught from basic to advance steps that helped in my career growth. Thank you Sir for your guidance and support.
Aziz-ur- Rehman
Aziz-ur- Rehman
Great teacher with great teaching skills. I was a very beginner to automation and even java, but the way he teach me helped me the most to understand the whole course and I leave as a pro selenium automation developer. Thanks, sir.
Tooba Fatima
Tooba Fatima
I had the pleasure of taking MeetAhsan Selenium Automation training. He did a great job of breaking things down in a way I could easily understand. The course offered hands-on practice on live projects that helped me grasp the concepts quickly. He answered all my questions during the training and encouraged me to ask more if I didn't understand something. He has a great sense of humor to keep things engaging. I can honestly say that this training has opened my mind to an entirely new way of thinking, which will help me apply what I learned in class directly to my work. I wholeheartedly recommend him as the best Automation Testing Trainer.
Ahmad Shaheer Khan
Ahmad Shaheer Khan
Being a professional with Non-IT background was the major glitch for me to successfully complete this course, but the Instructor Mr. Ahsan Akhtar did an incredible job to make me right on track with QA automation with Selenium. Contents, Delivery and pacing for the course is excellent. The consistent practical applications of the concept on real time Live-Project made it a really effective delivery method. More importantly, he was able to give tangible examples and tie them to the coursework based on his own experiences. Incredibly professional, patient and able to work with students at all levels. Meet Ahsan is Highly recommended for beginners and for the IT professionals who want to advance their career in QA automation.
zartush khan
zartush khan
I'm an Electrical Engineer and wanted to start my career in software testing.So I decided to take a course related to this field and I found meetAhsan academy . I really appreciate how the instructor surveyed the class before to get a sense of what we all wanted to take away from the course. The course really was exceptional and Sir, Ahsan was clear, prepared, concise, and effective in conveying information. The overall delivery of the class was great with very relevant real project illustrations used to help bridge theory to reality.
Maria Ameer
Maria Ameer
Excellent experience

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